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Temples are Sacred and So Are YOU is a guide for teenage girls on how to treat their bodies like a TEMPLE. Using the word TEMPLE as an acronym, Karima McKenzie will identify seven real world, practical ways for them to treat themselves as such. The purpose of this guide is to let them know just how special and sacred they are. Furthermore, the hope is that they will begin to treat themselves that way by applying the seven principles to their lives on a daily basis.

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14 reviews for “PRE-ORDER” Temples Are Sacred and So are YOU – Paperback

  1. Sheila Ruiz (verified owner)

    Temples are Sacred is such a well written book. I purchased it for my granddaughter but when I decided to chk it out I was amazed that it’s for anyone that wants to transform their life. It’s a how to book.. a resource book on how to love and learn yourself. This book should be in all schools for young people to know that “Their temples are sacred and so are they” It’s Must read !!!! I love it.

  2. Centra (verified owner)

    I bought this book with intentions to give to my little sister. One night I couldn’t sleep and the book was within my reach, In that moment I realized the purchase was always meant for me. The book made me cry, smile and think all in one. I plan to pass it down to all the woman around me. I speak highly of this book when I’m in deep conversations with other women such as my nail tech haha. Overall a dope read to remind us WHO WE ARE!!!!!!

  3. Ron Anello

    Temples are Sacred and So are You, is a well written, informative guide for teens and young people. The message to love yourself is so important for young adults of this age. As an educator for 40 years, I only wish I had this book for my students as a resource when I was in the classroom. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, and strongly encourage all high school students and educators to read as well.

  4. Floretta Hector

    Temples are Sacred is such a well written book. I purchased this book just before interviewing Ms. McKenzie on my video podcast. I was blown away at how quickly I related. As I read, I realize it was not just for teenage girls but for the teenage girls in us all. It’s a book that I wish I had when I was growing up. Great job! I look forward to the next book.

  5. Leigh Jones (verified owner)

    Temples are Sacred couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. Raising 3 daughters we try to teach them to respect and value their worth, this book provides deep insight and lessons that allowed them to really think and understand what their truth worth really is. Written by a strong woman I have had the pleasure to know and grow in life with, I couldn’t be prouder. Strong women teaching/ raising strong women.

  6. Dr. Corbin

    This is such an inspiring piece. Truly a must-read for any teenager, parent, or adult working, raising or interacting with the youth. Many times we overlook the mental health aspect of interactions with teens or do not know how to properly address sensitive issues, but this book is the ultimate guideline to helping encourage youth to get on the right path and to maintain that success through a positive mindset. Highly recommended read to urban and at-risk youth.

  7. Summer

    Absolutely love. this book. It is a must read for anybody who needs to take a break and understand themselves a bit more. Just go somewhere peaceful and reading a chapter can change your entire mindset. It’s life changing. Highly recommend for young woman to teach themselves for the future.

  8. Saniya Gregory

    If you are looking for a book for teenage girls I definitely recommend this one!! It explains everything that a teenage girl should know at their age which is very rare when it comes to books nowadays… but I saw so not just a book for teenage girls that could be for anyone and anyone that is struggling with mental health or trying to find themselves.

  9. LaShonda Mahaley

    Temples are Sacred is a book which has inspired, uplifted, motivated and guided the young ladies of the teen sorority I work with. It has truly been there “go to” book for reminders on how truly special they are. I look forward to seeing how eye opening this book will soon be for the college guidance group as well as Sorors after reading. A great reference book! One that should remain on your nightstand.

  10. Yami Arroyo-Rojas

    What better time than now during Women’s History month and post International Women’s Day to leave this review!!!! Temples are Scared and So are YOU is a book for young girls and adults alike. It is not just a resource, but a complete guide on the importance of keeping your temple sacred amid the struggles, fears and uncertainty you may encounter in life. It challenges you to dig deep within yourself. This book is well written, inspiring and very relatable, (everyone who reads it will truly take something from it). A must read! In the words of Michelle Obama, “Here’s to strong women, May we know them, May we be them, May we raise them.”

  11. Christina

    Temples are Sacred will influence a generation of young girls and women. It speaks to the inner child in all of us and reminds us of our magical gifts. It is written in a warm welcoming tone that allows the reader to feel at ease without shame of who they are and how they feel. It’s encouraging, inspiring and powerful!

  12. Michele

    Ms. McKenzie is extremely dedicated and passionate about helping others through her own life and experiences. This book is a testament to that mission. The book is just another example of her dedication to helping others reach their goals. Her work and commitment to helping others find their own path in life, whatever that may be, is clearly demonstrated throughout this book. It is an expression of her own life experiences shared with the intention of letting others know that they too can overcome any challenges they may face. Many young people will be inspired by hearing her experiences.

  13. Brittney

    This was a great book and this book is NOT only an inspiring book for young teens but for adults as well. I am not a reader at all but I definitely couldn’t stop reading once I started. HIGH RECOMMENDED !

  14. Denis Nelson

    Temples are Sacred and So Are You is a thought provoking book that invites self reflection and encourages you to be the best version of yourself. I look forward to sharing this book with my daughter as I know she will benefit from reading it as I have.

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