Surrender to the NOW Part 2

Continuing in my daily practice to live in the now, I recognize that it is certainly much harder than it may seem or appear. I have to constantly refocus my attention on the present moment. EVERY single thought is based on the past or future. The current book I’m reading is a powerful tool that has helped me to understand the importance of living in the now and the freedom that will come with it once enlightened.

I am not there yet but today I wanted to share it with any of you who may be on the same path and may be struggling with just finding peace in the now. That is my prayer for you today. Let’s touch and agree that the NOW becomes your daily focus. Yesterday and tomorrow’s problems don’t exist, so why do we worry about them? This is my daily struggle, but I am learning and pushing past my old habits! Back to the now I go….do you care to join me? Let’s agree!

Love and light to you always!


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